The Pursuit of Happiness

The very document that our country was founded on calls for us to pursue our happiness.  It is an inalienable right as an American to chase after fulfillment.  Unfortunately, the way we've been trained to live our lives, is a lie.  Our culture, our media, and our very capitalistic society have trained us to keep up with the Joneses.  We are constantly in pursuit; trying to be more, trying to do better.  We have been trained to seek external validation, forever on the treadmill.  If we happen to fall short, if we fail to reach the moon only catching stars; we leave ourselves exposed to self doubt, self hate, depression, anxiety and often illness.  We think our happiness lives outside of us when in truth, our happiness must come from within.  Like Charlie Brown, believing Lucy's promise to hold that ball steady, we chase our happiness through attainment when the path to true happiness is already inside of us.

In this clip, Harvard Psychologist Shawn Achor shows us the study and the science behind finding our happiness.