My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground on which I stand.
— Thich Nhat Hahn

are you living in reaction?

  • Do you become angry often and easily?
  • Are you having difficulty in your relationships because of your anger?
  • Has your anger ever become physical?
  • Have you destroyed or damaged property because you were angry?
  • Do the people closest to you describe you as having a ‘short fuse’, or ‘hot headed’?
  • Are your children afraid of your anger?
  • Are there legal entanglements due to your anger?
  • Did your parents often scream and yell?
  • Do you lose your temper in traffic?
  • Do you have health problems stemming from your anger such as high blood pressure, digestive issues, insomnia, heart issues, etc?

Most of us have heard the terminology fight, flight, freeze.  These are reactive states that describes how our bodies and our nervous systems react to stressful or traumatic experiences.  If we feel that we are going to be hurt, we will go into one of these three stress responses.  Those who struggle with anger management have difficulty dealing with rage or frustration.  Their response to a perceived threat or to stress is to fight.

Your anger is normal, therefore I do not seek to get rid of your anger.  Instead, I help clients learn to effectively manage their anger, rage and frustration. I use a four-pronged approach that I developed over many years of working with anger management clients in one of the most angry cities in the world, New York City.

  1.  I teach you to pay attention to your inner processes (mental, emotional and physical), so that you can monitor yourself on a moment-to-moment basis. This awareness takes us out of our knee-jerk responses and puts us in a place I like to call choice. Here we begin to make effective, healthy choices about how we react to stressful and traumatic situations.

  2.  Next, we do one of the most powerful things we can do in our work, we make what has been semi-conscious or sometimes unconscious now very conscious. We unearth the hurt, pain, fear and sadness that is often the root cause of your anger management problems, and healing can begin.

  3.  Another aspect of this process is to take responsibility for your anger. Once you stop pointing the finger at other people or situations and begin to take responsibility for your actions, for your anger and for your rage, you become empowered to truly make change in your life.  Once we take responsibility, we cease to be the victim of our circumstances.

  4. Finally, we learn how to talk about our anger rather than through it. If we express our feelings through the filter of our anger or rage we will almost always lose our audience. Our anger will almost always cause a response of fight, flight, or freeze in others and they will stop listening. I teach my clients the skill and art of nonviolent communication.  In this, we get to have our anger and frustration while communicating it in a way that is both healthy and effective.

Remember, your anger does not have to define you unless you let it.  Take action.


Anger Management Group

This 10 week anger management group for men and women focuses on the parts of us that become triggered when we are angry.  If you have difficulty managing your anger, have frequent fits of rage or difficulty controlling your frustration; my 10 week anger management course is designed for you. This skill-based program gives you the tools and techniques to gain control of your anger, insight into how and why your anger works and the ability to communicate the feelings that live beneath your anger, in a healthy and effective way.

What you will learn:

  • What happens in your body when you become angry
  • The skills and techniques necessary to gain control of your anger
  • How to change the situations and relationships in your life that may be causing your anger
  • Boundary setting
  • How to effectively communicate your anger