For me, the path to real love and deep intimacy is loving action. When we tap into what makes our partners feel loved, when we discover the specific deeds that they interpret as love, we uncover the Rosetta Stone to their hearts.
— Lair Torrent
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Of the roughly 50% of marriages that survive today, only 10% report being happily married.  Translated another way, only 1 out of every 20 couples will find marital happiness.  This means the vast majority of people are in dysfunctional, unhappy relationships.

Popular culture has sold us a bill of goods that promises that if we find “the one” or our “soul mate”, the future will be unicorns and rainbows ever after.  The fact is, relationships are hard work and we are often not taught how to cultivate and nurture them.

The skill sets necessary to create solid and fulfilling relationships can be taught and learned.  In my workshops, ongoing weekly couples therapy, or monthly check-ins, I work with couples giving them the tools necessary to find happiness and fulfillment.


  •     Reflective listening
  •     How to become present and attune to your partners' experience
  •     Uncovering problematic communication cycles
  •     Healing sexual issues
  •     De-escalation of angry or volatile interactions
  •     Non-violent communication
  •     How to cultivate trust and intimacy
  •     Understanding the skill of choosing each other
  •     Recognizing the parts of us that come to play in our relationships
  •     The importance of validation and empathy
  •     Learning your partners' love language











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